And People Care too!

Person or Pet Tune Up Oil is here.

We can begin to take our lives back, into a fresh new beginning, by first reducing  pain in minutes. Organically grown, no pesticides or chemicals used.

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My Body Tune Up Oil

Dog care

‚ÄčMy body tune up oil administered by mouth twice a day 2 drops,

will not only assist in stopping seizures, and irritable bowl syndrome, it will assist in re balancing your pets overall well being. My body tune up oil puts renewed energy back.  Oil can also be rubbed inside of ear, if pet won't take drops

cat care

You and your pet are family 

A special plant strain is putting renewed life energy and healing in minutes.  With many types of chronic pain, and ailments, My body tune up oil helps bring the feeling of normal, with a reduction in pain and anxiety within minutes . Rub it where pain is, and/or give orally. Place 2-3 drops under your tongue for 60 seconds and swallow. Use twice a day, morning and before bed. My body tune up oil is a clear amber oil, with a sweet taste like honey. All natural oil.

All ages 2 and up can use this oil.

Let your pet lick it or place a few drops in food daily. It really works.